What Is A Web Design Project?

A typical web design project is made up of three components: Domain Name, Design and Hosting.

The domain is your choice of www.yourcompanyname.com. We will help you register the domain name of your choice, as long as it has not been taken by someone else. The price of the domain can range from as little as RM50 per year to astronomical price of thousand per year. Hence, we are not able to factor this unknown cost in our package.

With the domain name purchased, we can design your ideal website, whether it is a simple informative site or an e-commerce site with payment gateway.

When the design is done, we will put the design in the hosting server so that the rest of the world can see your website. A simple but efficient hosting server cost about RM160 per year.

Volizz offers three web design packages: Standard, CMS and E-Commerce. Do contact us if you want customized website that is beyond the scope of what listed here.